May We Meet Again release debut EP ‘Words Unspoken’ and a new music video

May We Meet Again are a band from Bridgewater, Massachusetts that crashed onto the scene this spring and show no signs of slowing down. Their first ever single “Lost In Time” came out in March, followed by “Wallflower” in May, and their debut EP Words Unspoken, featuring both of those songs, dropped in July. Today they released the music video for “Nowhere Left To Breathe,” directed by Ian Urquhart, which also appears on the EP.

Drummer Tay Manesis shares that, “We’re a metalcore band with influences in pop, pop-punk, hardcore, deathcore, and everything in between. We try to take bits of every genre, whatever speaks to us as musicians, and combine them into something we feel is very special. Our goal is to create meaningful music about situations we’ve been through to bring hope to those who may feel hopeless going through those same situations.”

This debut showcases the band’s competency in so many of these realms, with some songs having atmospheric and ethereal verses that lead up to a hard-hitting chorus, some parts including more technical riffs or electronic flourishes while others are a total chug-fest, and a myriad of well-executed vocal styles. The variety of sounds offered on this EP reflect the talent and creativity of the upstarts in May We Meet Again as well as the production, mixing, and mastering work by Robbie Litchfield of Hell Here Studios. Most of the songs effectively balance brute force and melodic sensibilities, while “Nowhere Left To Breathe” is for those who want something that is unrelentingly punishing.

Reflecting on the full release, Manesis says, “The EP is called ‘Words Unspoken’, as it’s the beginning of us being able to finally tell the world what has been silently eating at us for years.” Vocalist Tyler Fay says, “Every song on the EP is special and has its own way of connecting with people. From lyrics to instrumentals, these songs have their own emotions and vibes.”

You can check out the full EP and the new music video below and listen on streaming services here.

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