Machine Gun Kelly wins ‘Favorite Rock Artist’ award at 2021 American Music Awards

Few musicians are as hated right now by metalheads as Machine Gun Kelly. The rapper-turned-pop-punk musician is certainly successful in his own right, but courting the negative attention of Slipknot fans probably isn’t doing him any favors.

That being said, his popularity is certainly there. He recently won the American Music Awards honor for ‘Favorite Rock Artist’, beating out Foo Fighters and Glass Animals, just to name a few.

He dedicated the award to aspiring musicians like himself, too. And when he accepted the award, MGK stated: “Lastly, I just want to say this, I read a headline that said the age of the rock star is dead, but looks pretty alive to me.” No doubt a quote that will keep many up at night and the tabloids will keep churning, as well. Watch his acceptance speech below if that’s something you’re into.

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