Let’s Talk Wrestling : ICW No Holds Barred The Pit 3 (Review)


The Pit 3

San Antonio, Texas

Aug. 13th, 2021



Eric Ryan vs. AKIRA
Match starts with Ryan just covering Akiras back with tacks from a heavy hit. This ended up being more of a technical match with Akira showing off that side of him. Ryan picked up the win though with one of my favorite finishers on the indies.
3 / 5
Bryan Keith vs. Justin Kyle
This was a strong man competition match between these two brutes. A lot of hard punches and kicks here. A bit on the slower side though and not particularly my favorite type of match.
1.5 / 5
Dale Patricks vs. Great Scott
A good solid match between these two. Went through various styles throughout the match but remained at a steady pace throughout. Both guys came out looking good putting it all on the line here for a win.
 3 / 5
Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Kirk) vs. Orin Veidt
Kirk taking a gusset to bleed crazy then bashing Orin down with a door until it shattered was a great string of events. Kirk bled great but Orin took a fall wrong on the knife board and seemed to have hurt hand wrist or hand badly. Cool finisher though with Kasey getting involved but it did seem a bit panic rushed.
3 / 5
SHLAK vs. Satu Jinn
Just a bloody brawl between these two. Ripping, cutting, and tearing at each others faces throughout the venue and using anything and everything as a weapon. A false finish mistake by the ref got everyone loud but this was just a good ol fashion brawl between these two tanks of violence.
3.5 / 5
MASADA vs. Neil Diamond Cutter
Masada just smacking NDC hard with that guitar to the point where the thump sound was almost too brutal. NDC taking the skewers then leaving them looked great, though him moonsaulting off the chair to only hit his own head on the chair looked awful. Overall the match was just okay, knowing it was NDCs dream guy to wrestle meant the match could of been what fans have been waiting for, but modern day Masada honestly just usually has a mediocre match.
2.5 / 5
ICW American Deathmatch Title Match
John Wayne Murdoch (c) vs. Aaron Mercer
A solid brawl between JWM and Mercer. Mercer looked great here and gave the champ a hard hitting title match. Some brutal spots happened here too including a bat covered in scissors. Not the best title match ICW has had lately but a really good one none the less.
3.5 / 5

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