Let’s Talk Wrestling : GCW Outlaw Mudshow (Review)

Jordan Oliver vs Gringo Loco

Honestly not a huge fan of this match, especially as the opener for the card. Gringo has proven he is one of the best US based luchadors and Oliver, while being heavily pushed in GCW this year, just doesn’t do anything for me and this match didn’t change that. Gringo moved along at a slower than normal pace and most spots just didn’t end up looking great making the match feel sluggish.

Chris Dickinson vs 2 Cold Scorpio

Seeing 2 Cold have a successful return run on the indies has been great and with Dickinson having a great indy run as well as his NJPW run this was a battle of the brutes here. This was for sure a slower more paced out match between the two that had its technical moments. It did have its brute force moments as well and ended up as a solid match between the two and a dream match for some fans.

Jimmy Lloyd vs Allie Katch

Jimmy rode in on a donkey. Now onto the match this was a straight up hardcore match. With cookie sheets, cheese graters, trash cans, and doors being used as well as both of them bleeding this was a fast match. Allie did keep it technical at moments with her locking Jimmy up in one moment while blood covered her face is a shot for the ages. This was a really good match and had some really brutal spots to it.

Second Gear Challenge Bullrope Match: 1 Called Manders vs Matthew Justice

This was another crazy hardcore match. From the start both men used the bullrope to throw each other around and it quickly moved to outside of the ring. Both men did what they do best and caused insane damage to one another with chairs and doors nonstop. Justice in particular taking some nasty spine and head shots during this match. It was a fun match that moved along at a good pace.

Effy vs Warhorse 

A match between two larger than life characters of the indies here and it worked out well. This was a very old school match for the most parts straight out of 80s WWF. Both men still got to showcase their characters special move sets too and gave fans a diverse match that they likely wouldn’t see elsewhere.

Barbed Wire Match: AJ Gray vs Orin Veidt 

For one thing after TOS I’m super happy to see Orin being brought back into GCW and I hope that continues. That being said this match just didn’t click entirely for me. Orin is one of the best deathmatch wrestlers in the country and while not being a massive fan of Grey he can hold his own but only in certain types of deathmatch matches I feel. This was possibly just too timid though. The barbed wire was just a few doors and a chair covered in them and while they tried to do great with it, it just feel short. Orin did however take some nasty bumps that looked like they hurt pretty badly.

Ricky Morton vs Atticus Cogar

At the beginning of the PPV Morton came out to the ring and was presented a plaque because he has never wrestled in Nebraska before and by doing so tonight he will have wrestled in all 50 states. While Morton has shown at his age he can still wrestle a good match on the indies tonight was not for that. This match was over rather quickly and without either side taking bumps much and set up a match for a future GCW show between Cogar and Joey Janela.

GCW World Title Bunkhouse Brawl: Nick Gage vs Mance Warner

This was a fun chaotic match between the two. They went all over the arena, into the concessions and even the crowd going after each other. With chairs a plenty, doors, a pizza cutter, and even a staple gun being used both men went to inflict maximum damage at one another. Ending the match with Mancer going through a flaming door was the perfect spot to the night with as well.


Overall Outlaw Mudshow was an okay show. While no match here is anything that I’ll likely revisit anytime soon both the title match and Jimmy / Allie was good chaotic fun. Sadly though the stream did suffer some issues mainly in the first half with connectivity problems. Also the venue clearly did not have the lighting required for an event so certain camera angles were incredibly dark on stream.

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