March 4, 2024

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Let’s Talk Movies : Great White (2021) Review

Shark movies are as common as they come but no one seemingly is able to make a good one. For every 1 even half decent shark film we get 20 nonsense ones and Great White falls into the latter sadly.

We follow Charlie and Kaz who run what appears to be a non-successful carter business who get a last minute trip to transport a couple. Of course one of the people in their trip carries a dark past from a family member in those waters while the other one hates any dealings with water. Did we mention that

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After a rocky start they soon find a body in the water that seems to be a victim of a shark attack and decide to go on the hunt for the wreckage where the body must of come from. Once they find it however everything starts to go downhill quickly as they realize they might of found more than just the wreckage.

Now no one is expecting a great story in a low budget shark film but we’d also like something half competent. Between the poor choices made by the humans and the fact that this shark seems to have super human knowledge nothing here clicks right.

It doesn’t help either that every character here is cliched and extremely unlikeable. I was almost rooting for the shark to win quickly just to get this movie done with. Once we get all surviving people trapped on a small raft it just boils into generic hostility before we get our shark. Speaking of shark it actually doesn’t look half bad in some scenes while others it looks blatantly CGI.

Overall Great White will fall into the mesh of shark movies of similar nature and be forgotten about just as quickly as it comes. What little is even bare able here gets washed away in the a tide of mediocrity and honestly boredom here.

Score : 3/10

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