Lamb Of God is headed out on a boat and, they’re going fast and, playing ‘Ashes Of The Wake’ in its entirety wearing an afghan

Bring your swim trunks and your flippie floppies, and make sure to get your towels ready, because Lamb Of God are headed out on the inaugural Headbangers Boat cruise in 2023. It’s headed from Miami to Nassau in the Bahamas, and the band is taking some very awesome bands out with them. While it’s doubtful T-Pain will make an appearance (sad!), all is not lost. Notable names include Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, the reunification of God Forbid, Fit For An Autopsy, and many more to come. Make sure to stay on your motherfucking toes for other bands who will be added later – like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible! Notably, LOG will be performing their breakout album Ashes Of The Wake in its entirety, amongst other festivities.

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