May 19, 2024

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Kingdom Of Giants record highest first-week sales of their career w/new album

Rising independent label InVogue Records (run by Nicholas Moore of Before Your Eyes) has been on a serious hot streak the last few years, giving both a foundation to The Plot In You and Being As An Ocean’s first 3 records, as well as signing some interesting talent of late including Courage, My Love, and potential breakout alt-rockers Normandie.

The label is also adept at signing more established bands, including metalcore band Kingdom Of Giants. That’s a band that’s been around the block and back, having released an EP and 2 previous full-lengths, including their most recent, Ground Culture. On their new album All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare, the band still isn’t necessarily doing anything groundbreaking, but the album is a good, occasionally great slice of what modern metalcore sounds like in 2017.

What makes Kingdom Of Giants stand out is their work ethic. Tour dates being canceled, and maybe not being quite where they want to be hasn’t stopped KOG from falling by the wayside. They’ve never once complained, instead they’ve used trials to fuel their music, and by proxy, their career arc. This has enabled ATHYGTS to some of the biggest chart placements and numbers of their career, including a #154 spot on the Billboard 200. Impressive.

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