Jelly Roll continues his rise with 23,000 people in Milwaukee (Show Review)

By Mariah Berg


On a Friday night, 23,000 people packed into the Milwaukee American Family Insurance Amphitheater. This beautiful amphitheater on the water is the perfect venue for a packed concert!

The Backroad Baptism tour is making its way across the US and selling out dozens of shows along the way! Not many artists can say they’ve sold out 15+ shows in a row, but the one and only Jelly Roll can! This tour is very neat, there’s been a few different artists at a time along for the ride.

Milwaukee welcomed Struggle Jennings and YelaWolf along with Jelly Roll and it was a party from start to finish! Everyone knows when YelaWolf comes to town, it’s going to be a rager! Yelawolf didn’t disappoint! He had fans up off their feet jumping and singing along to every song! YelaWolf and Jelly Roll are great friends, Jelly Roll expressed that YelaWolf was there for him when it seemed like no one else was, bought him dinner when he couldn’t afford it. YelaWolf believed in Jelly Roll and it is a beautiful thing to see them on tour together and see their brotherhood!

Now for the reason why 23 THOUSAND people packed into this venue, the one and only, Jelly Roll!! Jelly Roll has got to be the most popular male artist right now. Everyone and anyone knows his name!! As soon as Jelly Roll took the stage, the crowd roared! 23,000 people yelling at the top of their lungs for him, it was incredible! Jelly Roll played many of his hit songs like “Son of a Sinner”, “Bottle and Mary Jane” and of course “Save Me”.

Milwaukee was a very special Jelly Roll show. Not only were the fans moved to tears many times throughout the night, but Jelly Roll was too. He has got the most pure soul and is so in touch with his emotions, it’s beautiful. Milwaukee could feel how thankful he was to be there. Jelly Roll loves his fans, so much so he even brought 12 year old Brady on stage with him to perform “Son of the Dirty South” and Brady killed it! It was very telling how moved Jelly Roll was by this. It was a very special thing to see!

Jelly Roll is an artist that you must see perform live. It’s a different sort of experience, beyond amazing. His words speak for themselves and are extremely powerful and relatable to so many people. Get your tickets ASAP because the show near you will sell out!!


Photo Gallery : Yelawolf – American Family Insurance Amphitheater (08.18.2023)


Photo Gallery : Jelly Roll – American Family Insurance Amphitheater (08.18.2023)

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