Is Skycamefalling Up To Something?

With every passing moment of 2017, more acts are coming back on the radar to provide new musical ventures for all their long standing fans. Earlier today, Skycamefalling, Long Island, New York based post hardcore stronghold, updated their cover photo to their album 10.21, teasing they may have something coming this October. 

The last many fans have heard from Skycamefalling, they played through 10.21, released in 2000 on Ferret Music, on October 21st in 2011. While it is probable this announcement may only be another single standing show, there is always a high hope for more.

Although there is less than a month until the proposed date, updating it now couldn’t be such a coincidence. With other bands in their general musical realm such as Thursday, Envy On The Coast, Eighteen Visions, and many others reuniting, chances are looking good as far as an actual comeback.

Check out 10.21 and like their Facebook page for continual updates from the band.

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