September 26, 2022

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Interview: Goodbye June discuss “Magic Valley”, Thrice, and the spirit of rock and roll

There’s something about the spirit of rock and roll that always keeps me coming back, both as a fan and even as a human. Certain bands are timeless in the way that they sing, write songs, and keep you coming back for more – and I believe that Magic Valley, the new album from Nashville’s Goodbye June, might be considered in that category. Gaining some major pull this year playing the festival circuit (especially a great set at Fort Rock, where I heard the band for the first time), I knew they were a band I needed to talk to.

So I did. Below, you can find our interview with Goodbye June, where we discuss all things band-related, as well as what the Nashville “scene” is really like, and even Thrice. Because that band rules too.

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