November 30, 2021

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Interview: Have Mercy “makes the best of it” on their 3rd full-length

There is a sense of brutal honesty and storytelling in the music of Have Mercy that’s somewhat rare in the music scene. Stories of broken relationships and the emotions that surround said events are set to music that ebbs and flows with a certain vibe that will capture your attention.

Perhaps it’s on the band’s third full-length album, Make The Best Of It, where the band has truly found their sound. And while the band’s much-heralded debut full-length The Earth Pushed Back remains a masterpiece, it really shouldn’t discredit the solid music they’re making right now. I was lucky enough to catch up with vocalist Brian Swindle on their recent tour supporting Real Friends, where we discussed the band’s new album, how many times they get asked to encore a certain popular song, and even video games. Because really, what else is a band going to play on the road besides Sonic the Hedgehog?

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