April 24, 2024

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Interview: Dale Stewart of Seether

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with Dale Stewart of Seether to talk about the world of music. The South African-bred rock band are 6 full-lengths into their career, and they have a record coming out soon entitled Poison The Parish, so make sure to pick that up!

This was a fun interview, we were able to talk about the state of music right now and get Dale’s opinion on music leaks and illegally obtaining records. Stay tuned for more coverage of Carolina Rebellion including interviews from Sylar, I Prevail, Three Days Grace, and Wage War.

Editor’s Note: This interview is 1 of 2 that we did with Dale, the other one was at Welcome To Rockville. That 2nd one is coming soon, and is a bit different than this one, so if you like two different perspectives, you’ll want to stay tuned to both.

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