Interview: Can’t Swim

New Jersey rock band Can’t Swim are certainly on the radar of almost any fan of alternative music right now. Their debut EP Death Deserves A Name was the talk of the music scene in 2016, and landed the band on a whole bunch of tours and year-end “best of” album lists.

The band, who are back with their debut full-length Fail You Again, come out guns blazing – especially on opening track “What’s Your Big Idea?”. It’s a rock album that covers the alt-rock, emo, and even post-hardcore spectrums without sounding a bit phony or contrived. We had the opportunity to talk to the band on the St Pete stop of their recent tour w/Set Your Goals, where we discussed the album art, the band’s unique and eclectic sound, and the magic of Third Eye Blind. Check it out below.

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