October 25, 2021

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Ice Nine Kills pay homage to a 2 foot killer doll with latest single “Assault & Batteries”

Ice Nine Kills are doing horror metalcore the right way, and definitely not in a gimmicky way. That trend continues with their latest single “Assault & Batteries”. Channeling their inner Chucky from the Child’s Play series, INK and the gang bring not only a killer song to the table but also a cinematic video to follow it. As if the first album wasn’t highly enough praised by fans and critics alike, with these two newest singles the band is trying to up the ante even more. Watch below and leave us your thoughts.



Ice Nine Kills frontman and driving creative force, Spencer Charnas shares
“It was only one month ago that we painted the walls of Wall Street red with the release of ”Hip To Be Scared.” Now, we proudly present, “Assault & Batteries, a brutal ode to an iconic two-foot tall demonic doll.”
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