October 20, 2021

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The Sonder Complex release their new song song “Lighthouse: Loss”

The Sonder Complex is a Utah-based metal band that surfaced in 2016. The Sonder Complex first came out with their debut EP titled ‘Annihilation’. The EP contained six tracks introducing us to The Sonder Complex. The Sonder Complex really knocked it out of the park with their new song ‘Lighthouse: Loss’, which introduces us to the new and improved sound that the band is reaching for, and achieving. The meaning behind the new song, ‘Lighthouse: Loss’ is a powerful one. The song touches basis on coping with the appearance of death, and was written inspired by the band members’ personal losses in life. The direction the band has taken in the new song is a massive improvement from their 2016 release. Fans of ERRA, Architects, and The Ghost Inside will find something to love about this up and coming band. The Sonder Complex is preparing to unveil a new EP titled ‘Catharsis’ and if it’s anything like this new song, count us in!



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