March 1, 2024

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I Prevail have finally returned with vicious new single, “Body Bag”

First emerging onto the scene with a very popular cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”, I Prevail could have easily been pigeonholed as a one-hit wonder. Two albums into their career, though, and it’s clear that’s not the case. Arguably taking the post-hardcore/metalcore/pop-punk hybrid mantle from the likes of A Day To Remember, I Prevail have even been nominated for two Grammy Awards. And while your opinion of the value and validity of Grammy nominations may vary, I Prevail can’t be labeled as solely a band who are big because of a cover song.

Continuing the cycle of releasing a full-length album every three years, I Prevail’s new album True Power is set for release in August. What’s uncanny about the band’s new song, “Body Bag”, is how well it continues the formula that bands who came before have set. Heavy verses, a catchy chorus, and breakdowns are all the rule of the day here, and it’s a solid introduction to what’s to come. In fact, “Body Bag” is just one of a massive 15 tracks on the album, so at the very least there will be plenty of diversity.

True Power tracklisting:

1. “0:00”
2. “There’s Fear in Letting Go”
3. “Body Bag”
4. “Self-Destruction”
5. “Bad Things”
6. “Fake”
7. “Judgement Day”
9. “Deep End”
10. “Long Live the King”
11. “Choke”
12. “The Negative”
13. “Closure”
14. “Visceral”
15. “Doomed”

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