March 2, 2024

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Human Filth set to premiere their debut song “A Curse From Dejection” on Slam Worldwide!

Human Filth is a brand-new band just getting their start. The newcomers are set to premiere their debut song ‘A Curse From Dejection’ on Slam Worldwide on August 6th, 2022. Human Filth is an earth-shaking deathcore band with elements of hardcore fused into their core sound. The group is set to unleash their debut through the Slam Worldwide platform on August 6th, and on Total Deathcore come August 12th. Human Filth has already released the song on digital retailers and streaming platforms. The North Carolina group is looking to break through into the metal community, and with this track, all they have to do is to get people to listen! Human Filth is made up of Page Poffenberger (vocals), John Goodyear (guitar), Mark Hanks (guitar), and Gabe Oliveira (drums). We’re looking forward to seeing the group evolve and grow!

New Fury Media