Horror-Thon 2022 : My Best Friend’s Exorcism (2022) (Movie Review)

Halloween teenage drama-horrors are a somewhat rare treat so while My Best Friend’s Exorcism isn’t special in any way the target demographic for this movie might actually enjoy seeing a film adaption based off the book.

It’s 1988 and best friends Abby and Gretchen have been tight since the 4th grade. After one sleep over though with others Gretchen starts acting differently. Is it due to growing up or other supernatural like forces in play?

While visually the film does its best to make us see things as if it were the late 80s the story itself almost doesn’t give us the same. The exorcism story gets put on us mostly right away and never backs off even if its at the loss of sub plots. While we know of their friendship we never get to it organically build and grow at all. This film keeps a somewhat light hearted breezy approach because of this so nothing ever feels too serious either.

Since we stay pretty fast focused on the exorcist plot we lose any sub plots in the making including their personal lives and friendships. Side characters are introduced quickly but never go past anything one dimensional really. This makes it hard to want to stay invested throughout this entire journey. Humor attempts fall flat and the exorcism climax itself is less than stellar at all. Poor CGI and just a generic exorcism itself with a bad angle doesn’t help this land on a good foot to end with.

Is this bad though, not at all. Its mindless and moves along quickly. Young teenagers might enjoy this a bit more as it plays very straight forward and doesn’t attempt anything too hardcore. Otherwise this isn’t one to race out for.


Score :


2 / 5

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