February 26, 2024

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Horror Thon 2022 : Bring It On Cheer Or Die (2022) (Movie Review)

Bring It On : Cheer Or Die may not be one of 2022s best movies by any stretch though it is one of the most creative reimaginings for a franchise. The 7th film (yes there are 7 movies in this franchise) takes the Bring It On series from straight teenage cheerleader comedy to low grade slasher film in an unprecedented 180.

Following nothing from others in the series we follow a high school cheerleading team with a bad past. 20 years prior during a high flying routine a cheerleader died due to jealousy from another cheerleader. Closing the school and cheerleading squad afterwards as a result it takes a new building and team to eventually be allowed to start a new squad on the condition that cheerleaders aren’t allowed to leave the floor during routines.

Convincing her squad they need big moves for the upcoming competition they decide Halloween weekend to break into an abandoned school across town. Once their in though people soon end up dead by a killer in a mascot outfit though.

While having the slasher elements here the film almost tries to be a comedy more than horror. There are tons of jokes thrown around and one liners. Very seldomly though do they connect and instead fall flat. I will say a good comedy moment is using cheerleader moves to evade and fight the killer though.

It’s really too bad though because the film can’t even handle the slasher part right. Aside from being PG-13, made for tv, and with likely a cheap budget they just put no effort into it. There are no good kills here, nothing original, or even bland but bloody. They even unmask the killer and give us the twist way too early leaving way too long in the film to go through some bad moments and drag the run time.

Honestly this movie isn’t unwatchable. I give them a lot of credit actually for trying to take this route and with a bigger budget they could have made something campy and fun. Instead though we just just small visions of what could have been.


Score :

1.5 / 5


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