Harm’s Way return with new single “Silent Wolf” + announce new album

Chicago heavyweights Harm’s Way have returned with the band’s first new music in 4 years with “Silent Wolf”. The single also comes with the announcement that Common Suffering, the band’s 5th full length album, out Sept. 29th. Following up an album as good as Posthuman is going to be a difficult task, but we think Harm’s Way have what it takes.

‘Silent Wolf’ was birthed out of observing a sense of persistent distrust in governing bodies and systems of power in our current cultural climate,” tells vocalist James Pligge. “It speaks on the faith, or lack of faith, many have in these systems and an overall feeling of inertia and paranoia with status quo operations… leading many to the question: ‘what is really informing our reality?





Common Suffering Track Listing:
01. Silent Wolf
02. Denial
03. Hollow Cry
04. Devour
05. Undertow
06. Heaven’s Call
07. Cyanide
08. Terrorizer
09. Sadist Guilt
10. Wanderer

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