April 20, 2024

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GCW “Lucha De Explosivos” (08.14.2023) (Wrestling Review)


Lucha De Explosivos

Tijuana, Mexico

Aug. 14th, 2023


Five Way Scramble Match
Jimmy Lloyd vs. Ultimo Maldito vs. Bobby Flaco vs. Brayden Toon vs. Rob Shit

Typical GCW scramble. Few fine spots but at 5 minutes there really isn’t time to do anything with this many people. 

1.5 / 5

GCW World Title Match
Blake Christian (c) vs. Calibus

Blake is a fine GCW heel but this crowd wasn’t there for it. A fine match and they had some good moments. His heel stuff worked but the crowd wasn’t into it always. 

2 / 5

Singles Match
Extreme Tiger vs. Leon Slater

Sloppy and didn’t flow great but had a few moments that were okay. 

1.5 / 5

Singles Match
Arez vs. Baby Extreme

This was good at times but at 11 minutes it started to drag like they had time to kill but nothing planned.

2 / 5

Singles Match
Joey Janela vs. Arkangel Divino (w/Psicosis)

Psicosis was hurt so we got random Arkangel Divino against Janela. This was fine and your typical Janela GCW match mostly. Him losing was a bit shocking. 

2 / 5

Exploding Death Match
Damien 666 & Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) vs. Joe Lider & The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley)

The entire premise for this show and build up was an exploding ring / exploding barbed wire deathmatch. From the start it looks pretty lackluster. They explode all the ropes in the first 2 minutes or so of the match. Add in other exploding weapons including an exploding board that the camera doesn’t even catch. The throw off the balcony where Ciclope just bounces off onto the floor is rough. As for the final moments where the big explosion happens its just horrible, it makes the AEW one look legit. It was two small sparks that even the crowd didn’t flinch from. This was a horrible main event for a match that was built for the entire event. 

1 / 5

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