Game Review: Full Blast

FullBlast is a simple old school aerial shooter that while not doing anything wrong is simple too lifeless, uninspired, and bland to warrant more than a quick one time session with.
Visually it goes for a old school look but with more 3D textures and models thrown into the mix. It does its job, holds a steady frame rate, but is bland to see. Levels tend to share too many similar elements and no big special set pieces are even introduced to change the mood up.

You should also just turn the sound off because you’ll quickly realize unlike games of yesteryear, FullBlast seemingly has a generic guitar riff that goes on and on for the entire game.

With 12 levels you control your ship taking on a seemingly endless barrage of enemies to kill and bosses mingled in the mix of it all. You can collect power ups and maneuver through hordes of enemy bullets in an attempt to never be hit but outside of that nothing is new. You don’t level up, its the same few enemies and power ups, and nothing really changes as you progress.

Usually at this with games of this genre you know you’ll be in for a tough challenge but here is quite the opposite. With a generous health bar and multiple lives you never really should fear death minus a boss or two and even those aren’t too tough.

Overall FullBlast is fun for a very small amount of time. With levels that last too long, no variety in gameplay, and just a overly generic feel to it in a market where there are many other choices, FullBlast just sadly can’t stand up to the rest of the pack.

Score : 3/10

Digital review code provided by Ratalaika Games

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