Game Review : Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare


Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare is a tactical zombie survival game that is a port from mobile. While having many features it still falls so short in almost every category.

Mobile to console ports are a tough thing to do. With two completely difference operating systems and even just a general method of how a game is played brings complications. Dead Ahead in this department falls short on being a upgraded version. Operation the menus and maps is twitchy and buggy with not having a completely fluid selection process. They didn’t even bother taking out the pop up box asking you to rate the game like most games in an app store have.

Now these selection controls become overly important in the game which tasks you with breaking down a barrier / killing zombies without your bus getting destroyed. You use points to send a different troop member out into the field to complete this task. I found so often though that because the controls don’t always work quickly or like you’d think they would that I was using the wrong power or deploying the wrong guy.

The missions themselves are clearly made for mobile, most last a few minutes max. While there are a load of missions to complete nothing really changes. You get new characters and enemies but the entire charade quickly becomes tiresome.

Upgrading your characters and bus in game though quickly becomes a grind. Unlocking new powers and characters uses up your gold and makes you either start a hefty grind replaying easier levels or buying gold.

By far the biggest reason though that this game will likely be passed over by most though is it’s price. With a $20 price tag you can get major releases or big name arcade games for that price. For a mobile port that wears off within an hour of playing it this should of stayed around a $5 mark.

Overall while having a lot of content it doesn’t change its core game play enough to warrant playing through it all. Add in having to grind to upgrade enough to get through the harder levels and all the negatives from it being a port from mobile and this just isn’t something worth $20.

Score : 3/10

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