February 25, 2024

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From Linkin Park to Good Charlotte: Creating Your Own Alternative Crib

Having first aired in September 2000, MTV Cribs, or Cribs, is a documentary-style television show featuring celebrities offering a tour of their private home. While most of these houses may seem luxurious, it’s definitely possible to create your own crib without breaking the bank.

Finding the perfect home

It’s important to remember that most of these incredible Cribs projects began as humble abodes and were modified heavily over the years. You might be looking at all the celebrity homes and wondering if the prospect of one day owning your own is just a fever dream. Whilst the budget may be exponentially higher to achieve the same results, it’s definitely viable to personalize your own home in the style of your favorite celebrity’s homes with a more sensible and refined budget.
If you’re in the preliminary stages of uprooting, seek some advice from professionals within the industry. Seek out a new home that has the space to cater for your wild renovations and can accommodate the key features you’re wanting to incorporate, be that a bar or swimming pool. A good place to start is with a mortgage adviser like Trussle who can offer advice, they can speak to loads of lenders on your behalf and secure a mortgage deal potentially within five days. For those wanting to get the ball rolling, this is the way to go: with the foundation of your dream home sorted, you’ll be one step closer to living in your own designer crib!

Linkin Park

Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the American alternative rock band Linkin Park, appeared on the show in 2007. The band was famous for their many releases, including songs that were featured on the soundtracks for massive blockbuster films such as The Transforners. Historically, the Hybrid Theory album changed the lives of many listeners and is regarded as the album that cemented their mainstream popularity.

At the time of the episode being filmed, Bennington already had a very impressive set-up to show for his success. Perhaps the most luxurious feature in his home was the bar, which featured antique shot glasses. While Chester’s bar certainly seemed extravagant, you can have your very own without breaking the bank. All you really need is to upcycle wooden doors or pallets, add a top shelf, give it a coat of paint, and you’re good to go.


Gene Simmons is famously known for being the bassist and singer of the rock band Kiss, with a fortune of over $400 million. With his stage name The Demin when he performs with the band, we certainly see a different side to him having a tour of his home. He’s not just larger than life when he performs, but being over 6ft tall, Gene’s had his home upsized to account for his height, from longer couches to bigger tables.

If you want to upsize your own home, but don’t need the bigger furniture, simply lighten the room with creams and tan accessories from cushion covers to giving the walls a lighter coat of paint. Bigger doesn’t always need to mean more expensive.

Good Charlotte

Formed in 1996, Good Charlotte is an American rock band, with their music appearing in a wide range of films. Benji Madden offers fans the chance to tour his home, seeing the different rooms inspired by vampires.

If you’re taking inspiration from Benji, and want to create your own home around something you love, it doesn’t need to be expensive. After all, viewers can see that Benji used old family photos on his staircase, adding curtains to create a spooky atmosphere. Simple but small changes can turn your home from something drab and dull into a place that you are proud to live.

Throughout the years, viewers of MTV Cribs have been lucky to see inside some of the most luxurious houses. However, thanks to the work of mortgage advisors, owning your own home is no longer a fever dream. All you need is a little inspiration, and you can have your own luxury house.

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