French artist steely eyed cat drops pop-punk/hyperpop track “everyone is at a party”

steely eyed cat is an up-and-coming artist who draws inspiration from various styles of music and other forms of creative output including poetry and surrealist art. The French singer-songwriter recently released her single “everyone is at a party,” a song that blends pop-punk and hyperpop, and is set to drop its follow-up “we used to dye our hair in the garden” in September.

She calls “everyone is at a party” an “ode to boredom” that is about “appreciating being unproductive” and “enjoying moments of loneliness.” Reflecting on her creative process, she shares, “I have ADHD and I feel that this comes through in my songs, especially this one. My writing and the way I work on my music are very chaotic, impulsive and intuitive.”

Listen to the latest single below and check out steely eyed cat here!

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