Ex-Northlane vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes returns on In Hearts Wake’s live performance of “Shapeless (Judgement)”

In 2012, a band by the name of In Hearts Wake emerged from a crowded Aussie metalcore scene with their debut album, Divination. It immediately kickstarted the band into a career where they’ve released five full-length albums and toured around the world and back again multiple times. Right around that same time, Northlane also began establishing themselves as an exciting band in the genre. Former vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes was part of that for the band’s first two records, departing in 2014 after health issues prevented him from continuing with the band. While Marcus Bridge has helped take Northlane to new heights since then, there’s no doubt many who miss Fitifaldes’ unique vocal abilities and talents.

Well, Fitipaldes joined IHW for a live performance of their song “Shapeless (Judgement)” on their Decade Of Divination tour. Needless to say, many realized just how much Fitipaldes’ unique presence was missed in the scene. And crazily enough, Adrian still sounds as fresh as he did back in the day.

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