Fit For A King brings the intensity to Pittsburgh, PA on ‘The Hell We Create’ tour (Show Review)

Kingdom Of Giants / Northlane / Alpha Wolf / Fit For A King

Mr. Smalls Theatre

Millvale, Pennsylvania

March 7th, 2023

Photos and review by Lexi Womer


With a sold out show at Mr.Smalls theater, Kingdom of Giants starts off with an impressive set. From the first few songs, you knew how the mood for the night would be. Eccentric and full of life, as fans start moshing, crowd surfing, and singing along. The band was amazing at working the stage and getting the fans riled up for the long night of music ahead, including calling for a wall of death.  As they closed out their set with “Bleach” and “Wayfinder”, all you see are bodies in the air as fans are crowd surfing their way to the front.

Hitting the stage next, the whole way from Australia was the band Alpha Wolf. Starting out with their hit “60 cm of Steel” , it didn’t take long for the crowd to be off their feet. At one point, from the upper balcony, all you could see was the entire room moving side to side, and not long after, the room splitting into a wall of death formation. “Akudama” comes on, and instantly countless pits and crowd surfers continue, as the lyrics are yelled “Watch the Bodies Drop!” then BOOM, beach balls are thrown from the stage while the entire room is on their feet & interacting with them! They did a great job at engaging with the audience constantly, and definitely cannot wait to see them again.

The main support, Northlane, shortly took the stage after. Even with missing a band member on stage that night, you knew it was going to be a great set as soon as they walked on. Playing hit after hit including “Clockwork” the entire audience had their hands waving back and forth, along with screaming the lyrics right back at the band. Clean vocals and performance all throughout, although visually they remained as elusive as ever.

Finally ,the headliner of this great tour, Fit For A King takes the stage. Instantly the crowd is riled up as they start off with the title track from their latest album release “The Hell We Create”.  The entire band worked the stage exactly as needed, jumping with high kick splits and throwing guitars/basses around. This was a crowd surfers dream set as the vocalist “Ryan Kirby” demands to see everyone in the air crowd surfing, which is exactly what was happening.

To close out this phenomenal set, “God of Fire” is performed and this had to be probably the best song performance of the entire night. The entire crowd is eccentric as Guitarist “Sabian Lynch” and drummer “Mitchell Fogarty” step out on stage to play with FFAK. At one point bassist “Ryan O’Leary” is eating pizza dancing on stage and then CROWD SURFS. When I say the crowd is going insane, there is no exaggerating. FFAK could not have put on a better set and I am very excited to see what they have in store for upcoming music/tours.


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