Exclusive Premiere: Above The Mendoza’s new EP, “A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch”

In baseball parlance, the Mendoza Line is generally known as the acceptable threshold in which an MLB player can hit and still justify a spot in the lineup. Even a defensive whiz is almost always providing negative value if they are hitting .200 or below. Named for shortstop Mario Mendoza, it is generally known that a baseball player is not performing well if they’re only getting hits 2 every 10 times at the plate.

This tagline has little to do with Above The Mendoza, a pop-punk/rock band from Pennsylvania, though. On their new EP “A Shoulder to Lean On, But Not a Crutch”, the band proves adept at creating catchy melodies with lots of energy. This is best realized on the track “House Special 2”, which the band also filmed a music video for a few months ago.

We’re excited to bring you an exclusive stream of the EP a few days before its release on May 15, and if you like what you hear, buy it on Bandcamp. Above The Mendoza is certainly a name to keep a (good) eye on.

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