February 27, 2024

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Exanimate release their new song “Spirit Decay”

The Seattle up and coming duo Exanimate made their first appearance in 2019 with their song “Witchburner”. The group has evolved themselves over the course of the year and have found themselves relocate from their original state. The band’s new song, “Spirit Decay”, is the first song the band wrote after their relocation to Seattle. The song was premiered just a few days ago, and has already been been met with good reception. Exanimate finds themselves swinging in the same ballpark as bands like Currents, Invent Animate, and Northlane,¬†Exanimate does a fantastic job at projecting their emotions into their music.

Spirit Decay is a continued improvement of sound within the group. Exanimate has experimented with their core sound quite a bit since their conception, but in my opinion that is what makes them stand out. Exanimate is two friends colliding their brains to make music to express themselves, and they do it very well.

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