EP Review: SkinKage – Tyrants

skinkage tyrants

Being their first release in 4 years the EP “Tyrants” has gained a lot of hype, and the hype is well deserved. Tyrants hits hard with 5 tracks that will make it impossible for you to not bang your head.


Opening with “Anthems to an Uprise” there is no soft intro to the heaviness this album contains. You are greeted with a heavy intro that only slows down for moments before the verse kicks in. This was the first single and it definitely leaves an impression on you.

Followed by “Hollow Words” which opens with a similar guitar riff before dropping into a full out instrumental frenzy. This is the pit anthem for the EP, when played live the floor was alive with bodies slamming into each other.

No Allegiance” has more of a Pantera vibe to it, the instrumental is a bit slower but Frank Brown’s heavy screams are still there. With lyrics that give a vibe of hate against corrupt government actions, this track is one of the slower songs on the EP.

Sands of Time” is what every good album/EP needs. A slow instrumental track, let’s everyone breathe and recover from the amazing chaos of songs before.

Of Wolves” The closing track to the EP. The band does not ease up one bit. This track hits as hard as tracks before if not harder. One thing that is different about this track is that the instrumental seems a bit darker, which in return creates a cool vibe throughout. All and all a perfect track to close the album.


Final thoughts and rating: This EP does not disappoint one bit, there is no loss of interest throughout and I am saddened by the fact that it flew by so fast (Total run time is about 21 minutes). For fans of anything heavy and raw this EP is the best I’ve heard in a long time. I easily give it a five out of five.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/skinkage

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