May 25, 2024

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EP Review: MALEVOLENCE – ‘The Other Side’

MALEVOLENCE – ‘The Other Side’ [8.5/10]

Hardcore kings, MALEVOLENCE, hailing from Sheffield are finally back with this 3 track EP ‘The Other Side’ which is due to be released via their own platform MLVLTD Music who are actively promoting records from their peers and affiliates including DESOLATED and Rough Justice, as they blend elements of hardcore, and metal making their mark in the scene.
With already two tracks released from this EP, it is going to be a very short review, however, a much-deserved review, nonetheless.

First track, ‘Remain Unbeaten’ gives us all we have been longing for from MALEVOLENCE, with heavy riffs, hooky vocals and just a banger of a tune from Steel City’s Malev.

Second track ‘Keep Your Distance (ft. Bryan from Knocked Loose)’ they hire in help from their friend Bryan Garris from Knocked Loose who adds those high screams, blended with MALEVOLENCE’s deep growls, making this another belter, and giving us fans just what we needed from them!

Finally, unreleased track and EP title, ‘The Other Side’ is a big surprise, and starts off as more of an acoustic track, with beautiful string work, and then starts off showcasing guitarist, Konan Hall’s cleans off, picking up pace midway through the song, and then hitting us at the end with the filthy screams at the end. With that being said, a mixed EP, with variety and everything we love about MALEVOLENCE.

In conclusion, this is a banger of an EP from the Sheffield lads, and will please their fans wholeheartedly. Production is stunning, the variety of the EP is just perfect, and will leave us wanting more! My only issue with it is I wish it was longer, we need a full length! Roll on the next one!
Dan Bryan

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