May 25, 2024

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Easycore band The Losing Hope skew toward their heavy side on new song, “New Ghosts” (feat. Ryoichi Suemori)

The Losing Hope. Photo credit: Nels Potvin

The Losing Hope are gaining some notable attention in the scene for two specific reasons. One, their love of anime really shows up in the music they create – and two, that music lies somewhere between the energy of pop-punk and the relative heaviness of post-hardcore.

This time around, however, the band’s new song “New Ghosts” skews much toward the latter. Notably, the track also features Ryoichi Suemori, vocalist from Japanese metalcore band Sailing Before The Wind. Needless to say, the new track is probably a bit heavier than fans of the band are expecting, but it works either way.

The new track is a stand-alone track while The Losing Hope continue to work on a new album. It probably explains why they went a bit out of their comfort zone as well – and that obviously doesn’t preclude the band from working on songs on the more pop-punk side of things with the new album as well.

The band also has physical copies and new merch items in their store to celebrate the release, which you can purchase here.

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