Drain step out of their lane to cover Descendents song “Good Good Things” for new video

Drain are trading their thrash hardcore sound for some clean singing and melodic punk covering legendary punk act Descendents song “Good Good Things”. Showing off the true range of the band Drain makes the single sound their own while paying homage to not only a legendary act but a fellow label mate.

 In tribute to their labelmates of legendary status, Sammy explains:

The Descendents were a huge band for me as both a teenager and as an adult. I know I can speak for all of us when I say that it’s an honor to pay homage and respect to them, as a band that changed the game for us. I just straight up love this track and in a weird way felt like lyrically, it hit home and touched on the same themes that Drain is all about.

It definitely was a bit of a step outside of our lane, doing cleaner singing and what not, but we wanted to try and stick true to the original while giving it a little bit of our personality in the mix. Listen to the Descendents.”

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