May 25, 2024

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Detect Fraud: 10 features the best essay writing service will never present

The Internet has allowed most businesses to reach globally as many people as possible. Commodities have become easily accessible from the comfort of people’s homes, and convenience is effortlessly obtained at an affordable fee. Students have also been enormous partakers of online services offered by various businesses to help them succeed academically.
However, the famous morality quote highlighting failure by honor is better than success by fraud has been thrown out the window, as fraudulent service providers are reported often. The essay writing business has also had a fair share of corrupt and untruthful websites that students must know of. The following are examples of features associated with dubious essay writing services.

Lack of guarantees.

Most detestable essay-writing services have business protocols that are glaring enough to be considered scams. Companies who are masters of their craftsmanship have enough confidence in their work to offer guarantees in cases where the work submitted is unsatisfactory. However, due to the poor quality of services, fraudulent essay writing services lack guarantees for their work. These sites may offer a non-refund policy on money paid for work done. The services also fail to offer confidentiality guarantees, and many students suffer from copyright and resale of their data. Moreover, the services may fail to guarantee excellent performance since the work submitted to the students is highly questionable.

Shady payment methods.

Verified payment systems such as credit and debit cards, electronic bank transfers, and trusted mobile payments create plenty of assurance among clients. In case of mishaps, customers are confident to follow up and get aid since the methods are traceable and legal. However, some essay writing services offer students suspicious payment methods. The methods may include bank transfers to unknown accounts and money transfers to personal numbers. Payment methods used may also pressure the students to pre-payment before work delivery. This should be a glaring red flag for students since the best paper writing services allow installment payment with milestone progress without imposing pressure on students.

Fake reviews.

The onset of the online review system was a lifesaver to many online buyers who could be relied on to check a business’s credibility. However, a subtle poison slowly corrupted the system, and currently, it is cumbersome to check the difference between fake and honest reviews. Fraudulent websites have highly invested in generating reviews that act as a light to moths in attracting many customers. Despite the difficulty in setting real and fake reviews apart, various tips, such as checking for overly long reviews filled with praises and appraisal reviews from unverified users, can be employed.

Large numbers of fake followers and endorsements.

A keen study into essay services will reveal that a first-class service sells itself while a dishonest one must be advertised. However, this does not rule out that most advertised dealings are dubious. Advertising is the most assured and easiest method to sell commodities. Considerable followings are obtained from advertisement methods such as referrals, google ads, and even endorsements. However, students must be on the lookout for fake followers and endorsements. Most essay writing services that overly advertise themselves must be scrutinized. Some even go the extra mile and have their followers commenting randomly about them on high-traffic posts to bring attention to themselves. Students must therefore be wary of such occurrences and avoid such essay-writing services.

Lack of credible contact information.

For any task, the unavailability of information always leads to a steep performance downhill. Despite this, many people still fall victim to fraudsters due to ignorance and poor observation of commercial operations. Shady businesses depend heavily on providing as scanty information as possible to escape liability in case of poor and corrupt services. The best essay writing services provide students with sufficient and credible contact information. On the other hand, fraudulent businesses reduce the available information contact or have too many contact details that are often untrustable. Red flags to look out for include fake contact emails, intel, and phone numbers in other regions as opposed to the website’s location. For example, an essay website that quotes its location as London and has a Middle-eastern contact number is highly likely to be fraudulent. The best essay writing service creates assurance among its clients by offering credible contact information that allows 24/7 customer support to students.

Offers its own plagiarism checker.

School regulations to ensure plagiarism-free work has promoted and broadened the spectrum of services offered by essay writing websites. Among the key elements that guide students on how to choose a writing service is plagiarism checker services. However, what would seem like an innocent attempt to students may create significant dents in their academic lives? Many fraudulent writing websites pose self-generated plagiarism checkers for school articles and essays. Through effective persuasion, they liaise with students to submit their work for plagiarism checks or offer plagiarism scans for your work. If you are ever caught in such situations, run! This is because these swindling businesses use their developed plagiarism checkers as a front to steal student works and even publish their information.

Very low prices.

It is natural for people to seek out the cheapest available deal due to basic economics. There have been many unfortunate situations where cheap has proven to be expensive. However, it may be difficult for students to forfeit the cheapest essay-writing options and thus settle for substandard work. In most cases, writing services that offer significantly low prices encompass a limited range of services and are likely to employ unprofessional writers. Paid subscriptions such as spelling, grammar, and plagiarism sites may be unaffordable due to the low prices offered by a site. Therefore, the work submitted may be highly inaccurate and have numerous accounts of copyrights. Students must be highly wary of significantly low-priced writing websites, as they most may rely on their affordability as bait to fraud students. Errors in their templates and examples.

Errors in templates and essay examples.

Highly credible essay writing services offer students templates and examples that may market their services and assist students in making informed decisions. Students rely on these templates and examples to gauge the quality of service offered by essay writing websites. Considering that essay examples act as a marketing strategy for businesses, high focus, and expertise is regarded in work. Finding errors in essay examples must therefore raise troubling questions for students and act as enough proof that an essay writing service may be a fraud. Other techniques students may use is engaging a service’s essay writers through the chat-now feature. In cases where a company fronts to have native English-speaking writers, grammatical errors may form easy criteria to flag suspicious sites.


Fraud rates among student-oriented services such as essay writing services have grown startlingly. Many predators are ready to pry on the innocent state of students and mint money from them. Students can safely detect fraudsters and avoid undesired effects through the listed methods.

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