December 6, 2023

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Review: DejaGravy – “Purgatory Dawn”


“Purgatory Dawn”

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Fitting a description for DejaGravy’s fourth release into a clever byline is no easy task. Comprised mainly of a mysterious figure known only as Father Scardo, DejaGravy is part noise, part doom, and one hundred percent weird.

Purgatory Dawn is the latest release by the New Jersey group, and it is an experience. Five songs and twenty-eight minutes of crushing bass and unsettling voiceovers mixed with some creepy guitars and eerie drums are what greet the listener.

The highlight of Purgatory Dawn is most definitely its ability to make twenty-eight minutes of sludge exciting. Tracks like “Dawn” and “Purgatory” offer melodic moments nicely interspersed among the heaviness. Before long, though, the wave of doom is back. On “Release,” the shininess collides head on with the heaviness, creating the album’s best moment.

Best enjoyed with headphones, Purgatory Dawn is a wonderful sounding album. The guitar and bass roll over the listener in waves, shimmering at their lightest moments and shaking spines at their heaviest.

From the panning of drums that first greet the listener to the terrifying voiceover that sees the listener off, DejaGravy has taken doom music and fused it with art, beautifully and intensely. Purgatory Dawn is more than just an album; it is a head trip, and one that no one should be foolish enough to miss out on.

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