March 4, 2024

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Deadwood releases new EP “InHuman”

Up and coming Canadian deathcore band Deadwood have released their latest EP InHuman. An excellent display of vulgar deathcore power, InHuman is an excellent release that conjures a dark atmosphere that packs a massive punch. Combining elements of deathcore, industrial, and progressive metal, Deadwood creates a completely savage listening experience from start to finish. Beginning with “Colossus” the listener is swept away into an onslaught of thundering drums, ferocious guitars, and unapologetically confrontational vocals. Each of the five tracks is inherently unique and immersive, making for a memorable listening experience. The well crafted songwriting is complimented by the crisp and clear production, with a mix allowing each instrument to shine. Overall, “Inhuman” is a truly impressive EP and a must-listen for fans of forward-thinking deathcore.


Follow the band, and listen to the EP below:



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