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COIN brings friends old and new together for an unforgettable night in Salt Lake City (Show Review)

COIN / Blackstarkids


Salt Lake City, Utah

July 22nd, 2022

By Molly McCoy


On Friday, July 22nd COIN brought their Uncanny Valley tour to Salt Lake City. This is the 7th show of their 30 plus city run. Luckily they are still very early in this tour so if you haven’t bought a ticket yet this is your sign to do so. COIN shows are special, you can go to a show by yourself and leave with 30 new friends. Everyone is family at COIN.

I have been following COIN for years now, they were one of the first general admission concerts I had been to and I have been fortunate enough to not miss a show of theirs since. From the first time I saw them I have dreamed of covering one of their shows, it’s as if they knew because from start to finish this night was perfect.

For this leg of the tour, BLACKSTARKIDS were the openers. I had never heard them before but they definitely brought the energy! From the beginning they did a great job of engaging the upward of 3,000 people in the crowd and setting the stage for what would be a great night.

At last it was time, now COIN did something that I absolutely adore, they started their set the same way their album starts. Before they came on the song “Learning” played, this is also the first track on their album. From there the song seamlessly transitioned into “Watering a Dead Flower.” There are lots of reasons everyone needs to see COIN live but one of the main ones is their frontman Chase Lawrence. Not only does he have a beautiful voice but his stage presence is unmatched, his constant dancing around the stage and his personal connection with the crowd is hard to describe, it’s something you must see yourself.

Some of my favorite songs of the night included the stripped down version of “I Would” followed by “Let it All Out (10:05)”. Honestly, their entire setlist was perfectly curated, playing songs from each album so fans old and new were able to sing along with songs they love. The Uncanny Valley tour has just started, and I can’t stress enough, if they are coming to a city near you be sure to get a ticket and see them, you won’t be disappointed.

As far as Salt Lake City goes, I know that me as well as thousands of other fans are anxiously waiting for COIN’s return.

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