Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022) (Movie Review)

Christmas Bloody Christmas is a throwback to low grade 80s horror films that nails parts but doesn’t always hit every stride.

In a small town we follow Tori, a horror and metal loving business owner, and her employee / friend with benefits / maybe future lover Robbie. After a night out drinking and hooking up they soon realize the robotic Santa from their friends toy store has come to life and is on a killing spree around town hunting them and everyone they know down.

Its a simple premise overall with the first half hour or so setting up fast paced small talk dialog. We get a sense of both these characters and while both feel very realistic with their buddy buddy talk of horror films, metal, and their sex lifes, neither are particularly likable. Almost everyone else here is not really given a story or dialog past the scene they are in or the scene they die in.

What it does have going for it is a life size robotic military grade Santa with a knack for killing. We get some fun on screen kills but also some cut away shots as well. With an 80s visual vibe as well and neon everywhere we are given a fun ride, that is once it actually starts up.

Writer / director Joe Begos once again proves that he can nail a fun low grade horror film that feels like it could have been dropped on VHS 40 years ago.

This is a fun watch though really. While a little slow to the point of almost painful at times at the start, mainly due to the excessive dialog that makes you wish all characters died fast, our Santa meets Terminator robot killing machine gives a bloody fun Christmas murder spree that should be seen.


Score :


3.5 / 5

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