September 19, 2021

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Chelsea Grin take you to the Wild West in video for their new song “Blind Kings”

Chelsea grin

Chelsea Grin have remained one of deathcore’s biggest acts since their very first EP, and this has stayed true even after a vocal transition took place. Adapting the unique vocals of Tom Barber (formerly of Lorna Shore) to take the helm after the band separated with their original vocalist Alex Koehler, the band experienced a renewed energy. After Tom took the throne, Chelsea Grin released their first album with a different vocalist. Eternal Nightmare saw a 2018 release and was well received by fans. After releasing a new song called “Bleeding Sun” earlier this year, the band is continuing to release new music with a brand new single, “Blind Kings”.

The band released their new song “Blind Kings” just yesterday, and it picks up the pace quite a bit for what we’re used to from Chelsea Grin. The chemistry seems to be mixing much better now within the band and the vocal transition than their first swing with Eternal Nightmare. The new song comes complete with a video taking place in the Wild West. Our favorite comment on the YouTube video has to be “game: red dead redemption song: Doom eternal” – mainly because it couldn’t be any more true. We suspect some sort of album or EP announcement in the foreseeable future, unless the band begins releasing their songs in the new method of constant singles.

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