Candy continue to flip hardcore on its head with new single “Human Condition Above Human Opinion”

Candy have returned with a new single “Human Condition Above Human Opinion”, from their highly anticipated debut on Relapse Records. The band continues to shatter expectations and blends together elements of hardcore, punk, and various subgenres of metal into one aggressive mix.

This marks only the band’s second full length release following their debut Good To Feel, which instantly threw them on the map and gave the band a rabid fan base.


Heaven Is Here
Relapse Records
June 24, 2022
1. Human Condition Above Human Opinion
2. Mutilation
3. Heaven Is Here
4. Price Of Utopia
5. Transcend To Wet
6. Hysteric Bliss
7. World Of Shit
8. Fantasy/Greed
9. Kinesthesia
10. Perverse

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