March 1, 2024

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Canadian metalcore outfit UGLY. channel anguish, anger and despair with new track “Mollify”

Hailing from the great white north (Canada), UGLY. makes music that lives up to their name: raw, heavy as f*ck and without an ounce of pretense or self conscious need to be anything besides angry. “Mollify”, their latest single, perfectly captures the current state of hardcore tinged metalcore ala bands like Jesus Piece, Bury Your Dead and The Acacia Strain, with nods to more straight ahead heavy-hardcore bands like Vamachara and Trench. The song is familiar enough to feel right at home amongst some of the better heavy bands of our era, while retaining enough of a unique quality (which we credit to the carefully curated horror based motif) to make it a standout track in its own right.

Mollify is a song about being so pissed off that you can hardly see straight… being so disappointed that there seems to be no option other than giving up. It’s easily our most aggressive track, drawing influence from our first EP Vile and focusing on its most intense and energetic components. We wanted to deliver full-blown chaos to capture and release the blind rage that inspired the song in the first place.” 

Check out the insane visualizer for “Mollify” below and follow the band on Spotify for more purely pissed off music!

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