Brand Of Sacrifice have finished recording their sophomore album

Brand Of Sacrifice. (Photo Credit: Rickelle Tavares)

Though they just released their acclaimed debut full-length God Hand last year, metal band Brand Of Sacrifice have been hard at work on album #2. The band, which includes members of Ascariasis and The Afterimage, have carved out an impressive name for themselves. The accolades resulted in the band being tapped to play the Summer Slaughter touring festival last year, which is nearly unheard of for such a young act, and yet their career is just beginning. Now, the band is prepping new music for release – and it appears they’ve finished work on their upcoming album, too.

Of course, following up God Hand is going to be a difficult task, but the band’s sophomore full-length is now finished recording, according to the band’s socials earlier today. Needless to say, if you’re into the more death metal side of things, you’ll probably dig this band quite a bit – especially if you like ferocious vocals and some seriously talented musicianship.

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