April 22, 2024

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Tennessee rock band Roses Undead reveal “The Ugly Truth” with their new song – listen!

Roses Undead emerged in 2013 with their impressive debut self-titled album. Fast forward to 2020 the rising rock band has released 2 full length albums, and 2 EP’s. Roses Undead latest releases ‘Rapture’ was released in 2019, the EP got a deluxe release earlier this year. Roses Undead latest single release however takes their bar even high. The Tennessee rockers newest song ‘The Ugly Truth’ is a perfect fruition of the sound Roses Undead has built upon time and time again, improving along the way. Driven with a soft intro sequence the listener finds themselves catapulted in the high octane energy. The structure of the song is very well done! Listen for yourself!

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