Blink-182’s classic “All The Small Things” reaches huge milestone of one BILLION Spotify streams

1999 was one of the biggest years for music that you can possibly imagine. At the top of Billboard charts, you could find nu-metal bands competing with boy bands, pop megastars, post-grunge acts like Creed, and a handful of pop-punk bands for chart supremacy. In one of the two biggest years for CD sales, it was basically the perfect time for a pop-punk band like Blink-182 to explode with their album Enema Of The State.

Certified 5x Platinum by the RIAA on its own, the record made Blink-182 into megastars. It inspired a plethora of other musicians to form their own bands as well. And now the Blink-182 megahit “All The Small Things”, one of the biggest pop-punk songs of all time, has reached a significant milestone on Spotify.

“All The Small Things”, arguably the catalyst for the band’s explosion in 1999, has now reached a staggering one BILLION streams on Spotify. For context on how big this is, Green Day – usually considered the most popular pop-punk band in modern history – doesn’t have one (even though “Basket Case” is close at around 970 million streams). Fall Out Boy has one, but it’s “Centuries” – not really a pop-punk song. Jimmy Eat World, Sum 41, and New Found Glory don’t have one either (though they’re all not far behind). All of this is to say that Blink-182 remains basically as popular now as they were during their 1999-2003 peak, especially among younger listeners (who are more likely to utilize streaming services). The song, which reached as high as #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, is also far and away Blink-182’s most successful track.

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