December 7, 2022

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Big things are coming soon for Slipknot, who are apparently releasing new music within the next month

Did you know new Slipknot music is coming soon? Someone apparently keeps asking Corey Taylor while Slipknot is finishing up their Knotfest Roadshow tour, and now it appears we have even more of a timelines as to when we’re getting new Slipknot tunes.

As noted in a video that you can watch below, it appears likely than Slipknot will be releasing new music within the next month. Corey Taylor said so himself at a date of the band’s current tour on June 5th, saying that Slipknot will “probably” be releasing music from their upcoming album in the next month.

@loudwire JUST IN: Corey Taylor tells Illinois crowd on Sunday that new Slipknot music likely coming “within the next month.” (Video submission: Stephanie Burkle) #slipknot #newslipknot #newknot #coreytaylor #rock #metal #loudwire ♬ New Knot In Next Month – Loudwire

The new album is slated for a tentative summer release, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see something surface in a couple weeks, perhaps. And this time around, Slipknot appear to be abandoning the lengthy wait between records, with only three or so years separating We Are Not Your Kind with their upcoming record.

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