October 25, 2021

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Bands struggle after Hurricane Ida – here’s how you can help

Note: This list will be updated as more bands from the affected areas are discovered.

Hurricane Ida made landfall on Sunday, August 29th, and left a path of devastation through Louisiana as it travels through Mississippi today, August 30th. Already, areas such as New Orleans are in a lot of trouble, with essentials such as water, electricity, and the necessity of labor out of commission.

As if the music scene could take any more hardships, bands are in even more trouble thanks to this tropical storm. At the forefront of the scene, Cane Hill made the most of the free time allocated in the pandemic and went straight to recording and independently-releasing Krewe De La Mort, Vol. 1, truly coming into their own and finding a way to survive the near-exodus of the music industry.

Thankfully, everyone in the band is safe. Health is number one – but the coming months are looking hard for the band. As they were gearing up for Vol. 2 to be released in the near future, that has to be put on hold as the area recovers. Without power, though, the members’ backup source of income of Twitch streaming is going to be a challenge.

Drummer Devin Clark offered a way to help out the group: stream anything in the discography after Kill the Sun, as the band owns it and will collect the revenue directly. Vocalist Elijah Witt also provided a direct way to support via PayPal, which can be contributed to here.

In addition, vocalist Phil Druyor (I Am Abomination, The Bad Chapter) had a tree fall down on his house and has evacuated with his wife expecting a baby in the coming weeks. Again, thankfully, everyone in this situation is safe. You can lend a hand by donating to him in these methods: CashApp: $PhilDruyor, Venmo: @Phillip-Druyor

Let us know if any other bands are in need and they will be added to the list.

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