December 7, 2021

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Band Spotlight: Within Us

14296_1021677207876448_227465617144985109_nWithin Us is one of the newest forces to hit the metal community. Based out of Florida, this rising act reminds metal fans that this genre is truly versatile. This band forges a distinct metalcore sound due to its prevalent pop-punk influence. With this band’s recent formation they’re already starting to play shows locally in the St. Petersburg area. They have already released three songs: “One Shot Pistol”, “For the Deceived” and “The Plea”.

The song “One Shot Pistol” starts off with a catchy pop-punk intro that immediately pulls the listener in. The contrast of upbeat rhythms and metal-inspired harmonics comes in quick with this track as Travis Hammer’s pitiless vocals make itself known. Harmonic guitar chords mesh in well with Hammer’s ravaging vocals, making the transitions of the playing styles stick that much more with the listener. A melodic riff is soon met with guitarist Joel Lacy to emerge with his clean vocals, much more pleasing as his impressive vocal pitch meets the ear of the listener. How these different styles connect and flow perfectly is what will provoke the listener, and “One Shot Pistol” delivers this flawlessly.

“For the Deceived” gets a little heavier. The melodious feel of the pop-punk influences merges with the stamina of metal instrumentals to make this song sound more unique. The heaviest quality about this song is the drums; they sound harshest on this song and stand out even more because of that quality. Though this song is much more vigorous, the repetition of the same chant – with Hammer’s growls and Lacy’s harmonizing – shows this band’s true coalescence: “we are not clones, we are not slaves, we are not blind” is the main chant that is repeated in this track. This proves that even though this band has several inspirations, they stand by the same message.

“The Plea” immediately stands out strong. One of the most powerful riffs is met with Hammer’s belligerent vocals to fully impact this track. As the song continues it begins to become livelier. With this being the newest song, I hope this means Within Us will keep producing meritorious songs that will keep the listener coming back.

This band knows that it won’t take long for them to become a household name. Within Us will surely become a part of each listener due to their catchy nature. This band stresses their fluctuating sound, and that allows them to stand out. Metal needs a carefree and fun band, and this band combines these elements while also exercising ample talent. This band is definitely on their way to success.

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