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Territory’s Edge – The Best New Metal and Hardcore of May 2023, featuring Heretoir, The Acacia Strain, Currents and more

A number of long-running metalcore bands are known for softening their sound and going radio-friendly as time goes on.  Well-known examples include Architects, Parkway Drive, and Bring Me the Horizon (though the latter band did so in a way that was much more well-received, with Sempiternal widely considered their best release to date).  What happens…

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Brooklyn metal band Solemn Vision sign to Black Lion Records, unleash new song “Unfinished Tapestry”

Last year, we took note of the impressive self-titled debut album from then-unsigned New York band Solemn Vision.  Now they have gained some deserved attention for their Black Dahlia Murder-influenced style of melodic death metal.  Solemn Vision is newly signed to Black Lion Records, a Swedish label specializing in death and black metal.  The six-minute…

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