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Silent Planet

Silent Planet unleash new single “Collider”, announce upcoming album ‘Superbloom’

Last Thursday, Silent Planet released a third single, “Collider” from their upcoming album. Buster Odeholm (Humanity’s Last Breath, Vildhjarta) mixed the record, while guitarist Mitch Stark contributed to the production. As with their previous song “Antimatter”, Garrett Russell sings all lead vocals, both sung and screamed. The track is a considerably heavier one than “Antimatter”, though the…

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Johnny Booth band photo

Territory’s Edge – The best new metal and hardcore of July 2023, featuring Johnny Booth, The Zenith Passage, Silent Planet, and more

July was an excellent month for metal and hardcore new releases.  Some of this new music came from long-running, established groups like Sevendust and Voivod.  Other notable releases came from new artists surging on the scene, like black metal solo project Blackbraid and metalcore supergroup Better Lovers.  Read on to explore some of the best…

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