Australia’s rising pop-punk band Snark release new song, “Stay”

Though they’ve been around for a little bit, Australian pop-punk band Snark are still carving out a name for themselves in a crowded music scene. Releasing a string of singles and an EP over the last few years, they’ve already played shows with a number of bands like Paperweight, Terra, and more. And with a distinctly Australian tone to the band, it won’t be long until more people take notice.

The band’s new single, “Stay”, covers this adeptly enough. The track covers the concept of loss and closure when death touches a person’s life. Lyrically, the track explores the all-consuming feelings of grief from losing a loved one and the way it hits in rolling waves, and it’s something that everyone can inevitably relate to at some point in their lives. Stream the single below and let us know your thoughts on the single.

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